Our Story💓

LAZYOOO was founded in the middle of a pandemic. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia in July 2021, I started to make some jewellery just for fun. I gifted my creations to my neighbours and friends during the NSW and VIC lockdown.


We had to stay at home during that time, and we all missed the sunshine and  beaches so much! And yes, my love for the fabulous beaches and sea in Sydney was a huge inspiration for creating my jewellery. 🌊


My cutie pie🐱 also LAZYOOO team member.
He helps my mental health just by being himself.

Surprisingly, I found that these little gifts boosted morale among those who suffered from the negative impacts of the lockdown. I am so happy that my handmade pieces allow me to connect with many wonderful people in this way. After my friends and neighbours encouraged me to start a small business, I started to sell my pieces on Etsy.


As a one-woman-run store, I act as the company’s founder, jewellery maker, dispatcher, and customer service. To be honest, every piece I create comes into being through struggles, failures, and self-doubt; but also, lots of love.


LAZYOOO is still a very young brand, so I feel so fortunate that it is growing alongside our lovely customer base!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help and do everything we can do to make things right.